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2007 Standard Wall 3/16” Coolant SAE 20R1 – Automotive / Coolant Hose

Standard Wall Coolant Hose, SAE J20R1, Class D-2 specification

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ Medium to Medium-High
Construction ■ Tube: EPDM
■ Cover: EPDM
■ Reinforcement: 2 Plies of Polyester Cord
Temperature Range ■ -40°F to +257°F, -40°C to +125°C
Couplings ■ Consult coupling manufacturers for
   specifics on recommended couplings
Packaging ■ Make to Order (MTO)
■ 1/2″ and 5/8″ I.D Sizes are
   available in lengths up to 25 ft.
■ All other hose sizes are available
   in lengths of 12 ft. and 60 ft.
■ 12 foot lengths are boxed. 25 ft. and 60 ft. lengths
    are coiled and wrapped in plastic.


Thermoid Catalog – 2007 Standard Wall 316 Coolant SAE 20R1

Features & Benefits

Class B Tube
  • Medium-High Oil Resistance
  • Can be used as
    General Purpose Discharge Hose
  • Heat Resistant
  • Coolant Resistant
Class C Cover
  • Medium Oil Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
2-Ply Tire Cord Reinforcement
  • Provides Working Pressures for
    Class 7 & 8 Truck Coolant Systems
-40°F to +257°F
Temperature Range
-40°C to +125°C
  • Hose Performs Even in Extreme Temperatures
SAE 20R1 Specs
  • Meets Industry Standards for
    Heavy-Duty Coolant Systems