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Fish Suction

Designed for the vacuum removal of fish from a ship’s hold, our Fish Suction hose features a CR tube and cover that are cut and abrasion resistant. Available with a variety of ends, including enlarged, straight or BIN with flanges, it is rated at full vacuum as a result of its reinforced spring steel wire helix between multiple plies of reinforcement.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ Medium
Construction ■ Tube: ¼” CR
■ Cover: CR
■ Reinforcement: Spring steel wire helix(es) spiralled
   between multiple plies of polyester cord
Temperature Range ■ -40°F to +180°F, -40°C to +82°C
Packaging ■ Make To Order
   Hand built – $250.00 minimum order per size


Thermoid Catalog – Fish Suction

Features & Benefits

CR Tube (1/4″ Thick Wall)
  • Medium Oil Resistance
  • Will Handle Food-Related Fats, Fish
CR Cover
  • Medium Oil Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistant
4- ,5- or 6-Ply Polyester Cord with a Spring Steel Wire Helix Reinforcement
  • Provides a Working Pressure to 100 psi Regardless of I.D.
  • Can Handle Full Vacuum (30 in. of Hg ) Applications