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Flexseal™ Ends (Beaded Ends)

Flexseal™ Ends were designed for use in applications that require the joining of one hose to another that carries acids and other chemicals, abrasive materials and fluids that must be kept uncontaminated by metals. Two Flexseal™ Ends can be joined together without twisting the hose, but rather inserting bolts and drawing them tight, thus compressing the rubber hose ends together, making a leak proof seal.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ N/A
Oil Resistance ■ Varies, depending on polymer used in compound
Construction ■ Tube: N/A
■ Cover: N/A
■ Reinforcement: N/A
Temperature Range ■ Varies, depending on polymer used in compound
Packaging ■ Hand built – $250.00 minimum order per size


Thermoid Catalog – Flexseal Ends – Beaded Ends

Features & Benefits

Construction Flexibility
  • Polymers Can Be Specified by Customer to Fit Their Needs
  • Customer has a Range of 1-1/2″ I.D. to 20″ I.D. to Choose From
Patented Engineered Design
  • No Metal Contact with Fluids (No Contamination)
  • Rubber Hose Ends are Compressed to Make Leak Proof Seal
  • No Gasket is Required