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Furnace Door (Wire Braid)

The Furnace Door hose is used as a water cooling hose on open hearth steel mill furnaces. It is so light and flexible that only one person is required when replacing. It features reinforcement braids of high-tensile carbon steel wire with a heat resistant textile layer, providing an insulating layer against severe external heat. The flexible braid of stainless steel used for the cover prevents the build-up of metal spattering, and its cover resists the tendency for molten metal to cling to the hose.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ Limited
Construction ■ Tube: EPDM
■ Cover: Flexible braid of stainless steel wire
■ Reinforcement: One braid of high-tensile
   carbon steel wire

Temperature Range ■ -40°F to +600°F, -40°C to +315°C
   With cooling water flowing through the hose
   at a velocity of 20 feet per second
Packaging ■ 50 ft. maximum, all lengths.
   Minimum order is 500 ft. per size


Thermoid Catalog – Furnace Door (Wire Braid)

Features & Benefits

  • High Heat Resistance
  • Water Resistant
Flexible Stainless Steel Wire Cover
  • Prevents Build-Up of Metal Spattering
  • Resists Molten Metal Clinging to Hose
One Braid of High-Tensile Carbon Steel Wire Reinforcement
  • Provides a Constant Working Pressure of 250 psi Regardless of Size
  • Insulates Inner Tuber From High External Temperatures