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Type 2458 Marine – Black Cover
– Marine Coolant Hose

The Type 2458 Marine hose is designed to handle wet marine exhaust, coupling coolant and heavy duty radiator service, as well as oily service applications. Designed to fit over standard pipe, this hose features a CR tube and cover making it resistant to hot water, antifreeze solutions and exhaust gasses when mixed with water. Additionally, the cover will resist scuffing, gouging, ozone and sunlight.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ Medium
Construction ■ Tube: CR
■ Cover: CR
■ Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polycord
Temperature Range ■ -40°F to +212°F, -40°C to +100°C
Packaging ■ 50 ft. maximum
■ Also available to meet SAE 20R1 Class C,
   standard or heavy wall construction


Thermoid Catalog – Type 2458 Marine Black Cover

Features & Benefits

CR Tube
  • Medium Oil Resistance
  • Designed to Handle Marine Wet Exhaust, Coupling Coolant,
    Heavy Duty Radiator Service and Oily Service Applications
CR Cover
  • Medium Oil Resistance
  • Ozone and Sunlight Resistant
  • Water and Coolant Resistant
  • Resists Scuffing, Gouging
3-,4- or 5-Ply Polycord Reinforcement
  • Provides a Range of Working Pressure from 70 to 150 psi