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Marine Coolant Hose

Rubber hose for marine exhaust and hydraulic applications

TYPE 2458 MARINE – BLACK COVER Heavy Duty Wet Exhaust hose, SAE J2006, R1 specification
2400 WET EXHAUST SAE J2006 Standard Duty Wet Exhaust hose, SAE J2006 specification
2428 MARINER PREMIUM WET EXHAUST SAE J2006 Heavy Duty Marine Exhaust hose, SAE 20R1, Calss C specification
7910 BELLOWSFLEX™ “A” COOLANT, MARINE, FUEL Coolant, Marine, Fuel hose, SAE J1527, Type A2 and SAE 2006, R2
7951 SAE 100R4 HYDRAULIC RETURN/SUCTION Hydraulic Return/Suction hose, SAE 100R4 specification