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Paper Machine Suction Box

This hose was specifically designed to serve as a connector on paper machines. It features a corrugated CR tube and cover which are resistant to oil, abrasions, weathering and ozone. Rated at full vacuum, the Paper Machine Suction Box resists kinking or collapsing and is extremely flexible.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ Medium
Construction ■ Tube: CR, corrugated
■ Cover: CR, corrugated
■ Reinforcement: Multiple plies of synthetic fabric with spiral wire helix(es)
Temperature Range ■ -40°F to +180°F, -40°C to +82°C
Packaging ■ Minimum 12″ and maximum 120″ lengths available on all sizes.
   $250.00 minimum order
Ends ■ 2″ soft cuff with capped ends


Thermoid Catalog – Paper Machine Suction Box

Features & Benefits

CR Corrugated Tube
  • Medium Oil Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Resists Water Absorption
CR Corrugated Cover
  • Medium Oil Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Resists Water Absorption
  • Resists Weathering and Ozone
2- or 3-Ply Synthetic Fabric with Spiral Helix Reinforcement
  • Capable of Handling Full Vacuum (30 in. of Hg) Applications
  • Resists Kinking or Collapsing
  • Extremely Flexible