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Prime Mover Cogged

Premium Prime Mover V-belts are banded together to form a unitized belt set. Individual V’s are spaced to permit it to operate in regular multiple belt sheaves. This construction prevents belt whip and turnover under pulsating and shock loads. Cogged banded also available.

Technical Overview

Sure-Set® Belts marked Sure-Set are produced to Sure-Set tolerances. Sure-Set indicates that all belts of a given size and style are matched. Contact Elgin for special matching requirements.
Packaging All AX-section, BX-section (up to 180 inches) and CX-section belts (up to 158 inches) are pre-packed in boxes of 12 each with belt size and quantity printed on the box. BX-section (over 180 inches) and CX-section (over 158 inches) belts are packaged individually.
Sizes & Dimensions For belt sizes or band configurations please refer to the attached catalog (see literature table below), or contact our customer service.


Power Transmission Belts Catalogue

Features & Benefits

  • Classical profile, precision cogged belt
  • Designed for uniform stress distribution
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Greater flexibility
  • Provides higher horsepower capacity for exceptional performance on smaller diameter sheaves
  • Aggressive, extra duty construction specifically designed to allow maximum wedging action in the sheaves
  • Built with tough polyester tensile members to resist fatigue and withstand shock loads. Cord and neoprene rubber are bonded to prevent separation and improve cord stability
  • Oil and heat resistant
  • Static conducting*