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Industrial Rubber Bands and Rubber Budding / Grafting Strips

HBD/Thermoid’s Big Job Bands® can often replace costly, unwieldly films, potentially damaging steel straps and sticky adhesive tapes. You’ll find use after use for them plus they can be used again and again.

Big Job Bands will secure even the wobbliest load. They stabilize tricky piles of parts and cartons and protect against spills in transit, even on the roughest surfaces. One Big Job pallet band stretched over the top layer of a loaded pallet stabilizes the entire load! Big Job pallet bands have been created to stretch 100- 150% of their relaxed length. Need more than that? When the situation calls for greater tension, they can stretch up to 300%!

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We provide extruded, chopped and hand-built rubber bands for industrial, agricultural, automotive, consumer and office supply applications. We are the only US manufacturer of EPDM bands, the preferred choice for ozone-resistant, weather-resistant, temperature-resistant, chemical-resistant, long-lived bands for heavy-duty applications. This diverse line of rubber band products includes.

  • Big Job® Pallet Bands

  • Big Job Spring Link Bands

  • Big Job Furniture Bands

  • Thermoid EPDM Bands

  • Big Job Flounce Saver Bands

  • Thermoid Gooch Tubing

Our Big Job Bands are not just rubber band strips they’re like an extra pair of helping hands! Versatile and easy to use, you’ll find all kinds of uses for them, including:

  • Hold odd sizes and shapes

  • Secure protective coverings around sub-assembled or finished goods

  • Group items to be shipped to separate locations

  • Hold breakables gently, without crushing

  • Keep loads in place during transit

  • Keep containers tightly closed when not in use

  • Hold carton flaps open for picking and packing

  • Stabilize loaded pallets

  • Hold glued parts together until set during manufacture

  • Keep units together during storage

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and widths to fit most packaging and/or pallet applications. Save time and money with Big Job® Bands. Big Job Bands are a fast, low cost solution to difficult packaging problems and they don’t require special tools or equipment to use them. One person can apply these bands, saving on labor cost and Big Job® Bands can be used again and again!

    Big Job Band / Grafting Strips Product Information


    HBD/Thermoid produces a line of natural rubber nursery budding strips. These products are ideal for nurseries and other specialized growers requiring nursery grafting fasteners. Thermoid budding strips provide a number of significant advantages over other agricultural grafting applications products.

    Thermoid Budding strips are

  • Bio-Degradable, no clean up required

  • Fast, even pressure to hold grafts in place

  • Self-releasing abilities to allow buds to grow best when the time is right

  • Simple, flexible and easy to use

  • Increased protection of growing stock

  • Thermoid Budding-Nursery Product Information