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Rubber Bands

For industrial shipping, storage or manufacturing Applications.
Each Thermoid® rubber band product has three common features:
strong holding power for tough jobs, long service life and great value.

Features & Benefits

BIG JOB® Furniture Bands
Save time and money, protect your quality furniture shipments and reduce repair work effort by using our furniture rubber band products. These bands are designed to fit chairs, king size sofas, and everything in between. They’re easy to work with in a variety of applications, including securing padding over finished wooden parts, holding glued parts or upholstery in place while fastening and holding flounces during manufacture or shipping.
BIG JOB® Flounce Saver Bands And Spring Link Bands
Flounce saver bands are exceptionally easy and convenient to apply or move. They’ll hold flounces up while holding plastic bags on to protect the entire piece and save application time, too. Big Job Flounce savers keep your professional job looking professional during manufacture and shipping. SPRING LINK BANDS replace metal clips in serpentine spring construction. They silence serpentine springs and keep them in perfect alignment, maintaining the quality you build into your furniture.
Thermoid® EPDM Bands
Longlife EPDM Bands have the same qualities as natural rubber bands, however they have the added benefits of longer life and broader usage. These EPDM rubber bands have numerous applications including holding assemblies together during cleaning, moving or storage in manufacturing areas, spring link bands for serpentine spring construction, holding ski boot racks and more. Designed to resist the effects of extreme weather, most chemicals, humidity and severe temperatures (use effectively in temperatures ranging from -60°F to +300°F), you can rely on these rubber bands to hold and keep holding.