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Safetyflex® Water Jetting

This rugged, heavy-duty, wire reinforced hose is ideal for inland water ways and offshore high pressure water jetting service. It is suitable for high flow velocity (70 ft. per second) service and the multiple plies of plated steel wire reinforcement enable this hose to provide up to 1500 psi working pressure. Like all Thermoid® dock loading hoses, the SafetyFlex® Water Jetting hose meets all U.S. Coast Guard requirements and its CR cover provides resistance to abrasion, weathering and ozone.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ High
Construction ■ Tube: NBR, RMA Class A
■ Cover: CR, taped,
   wrapped exterior finish
■ Reinforcement:
   Multiple plies of plated steel wire
Temperature Range ■ -20°F to +200°F, -29°C to +93°C
Packaging ■ 100 ft. maximum

Hand built – $250.00 minimum order per size
Pressures up to 2500 psi WP in sizes up to 8″ I.D.
are also available. Contact Salisbury customer service.
Straight end hose or coupled assemblies shipped on
reels or in crates.
8″ I.D. hose or assemblies over 60 ft. long require
special packaging or shipping.


Thermoid Catalog – SafetyFlex Water Jetting

Features & Benefits

NBR, RMA Tube – Class A
  • High Oil Resistance
  • Ozone Resistant
  • Suitable for High Flow Velocity
CR Cover
  • High Oil Resistance
  • Weathering and Ozone Resistant
4-, 6-, or 8-Ply Plated Steel Wire Reinforcement
  • Constant 1500 psi Working Pressure, Regardless of Reinforcement Hose Size
100 Ft. Lengths
  • Reduces the Number of Connection Problems
U.S. Coast Guard Approval
  • Meets All USCG Requirements