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Sani-White® Washdown

The Sani-White® Washdown hose is recommended for open-end washdown service in food processing plants where service is not too severe, such as dairies, canneries, packing houses and bottling plants. This hose features an SBR tube that is heat resistant and stands up to the action of hot water and steam. It also resists saturated steam pressure up to 40 psi (287°F) in open end service. Sani-White® Washdown hose is available in tapered and straight ends and its white NBR/PVC cover resists oil, grease and cleaning compounds.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ White
Oil Resistance ■ Limited
Construction ■ Tube: SBR
■ Cover: NBR/PVC
■ Reinforcement: Plies of strong fabric
Temperature Range ■ -20°F to +160°F, -29°C to +71°C
Packaging ■ Tapered end – 50 ft. lengths
   Will not cut tapered ends
   Minimum run – 1200 ft. per size.


Thermoid Catalog – Sani-White® Washdown

Features & Benefits

SBR Tube
  • Resists Heat
  • Resists Hot Water and Steam
NBR/PVC Blend Cover
  • Resist Oil and Grease
  • Resists Cleaning Compounds
3 or 4-Ply Reinforcement
  • Provides 100, 125, or 150 psi Working Pressure Depending on the I.D.