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Slim Hole Rotary Drilling

Designed specifically for rotary drilling on portable drilling rigs, workover rigs, slim hole and seismograph rigs, this hose features a CR cover and an NBR tube which offer excellent resistance to heat, oil, abrasion and weather. This hose has a reinforcement of multiple layers of high tensile steel wire and two fabric plies which improve its strength and flexibility. This hose is also available with 3,000 psi WP.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ High
Construction ■ Tube: NBR
■ Cover: CR, static dissipating
■ Reinforcement: Four synthetic plies with a
   dual wire helix(es)

Temperature Range ■ -20°F to +200°F, -29°C to +93°C
Packaging ■ 100 ft. lengths maximum
Couplings ■ Swaged on high pressure carbon steel male
   NPT or API threaded ends or reusable couplings


Thermoid Catalog – Slim Hole Rotary Drilling

Features & Benefits

NBR, RMA Tube – Class A
  • High Oil Resistance
  • Heat Resistant
CR Cover
  • High Oil Resistance
  • Heat Resistant
  • Resists Weathering
  • Abrasion Resistant
4-Ply Layers of Spiralled High Tensile Steel Wire, Plus Two Fabric Plies Under the Wire Reinforcement
  • Hose is Capable of 2500 psi, Regardless of I.D.
Meets ISO 6907
  • Meets All Industry Requirements
100 ft. Length Pattern
  • Reduces the Number of Connection Problems