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TANKMASTER® 200/225 – FKM LINING (Smooth Bore)

Recommended for the transfer of aromatic hydrocarbons, this hose has been designed to handle full vacuum applications, as well as discharge applications up to 200 psi. Its multiple plies of synthetic cord combined with a helical wire reinforcement allow it to maintain its roundness. The Tankmaster® 200/225 hose meets all U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

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Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ High
Construction ■ Tube: FKM Fluoroelastomer
   Exceeds RMA Class A
■ Cover: CR
■ Reinforcement:
   Single wire helix(es) spiralled between
   multiple plies of synthetic cord
TeFlow Velocity ■ 50 Ft/Second maximum
Temperature Range ■ -20°F to +200°F, -29°C to +93°C
Packaging ■ 100 ft. maximum
Couplings ■ Swaged


Thermoid Catalog – TANKMASTER® 200/225 – FKM LINING

Features & Benefits

FKM Fluoroelastomer Exceeds
RMA Class A Tube
  • High Oil Resistance
  • Handles Aromatic Hydrocarbon Applications (Including Diesel Fuel) Up to 100% Aromatic
CR Cover
  • Oil Resistance
4- or 6-Ply Single Wire Helix Spiralled Between Multiple Plies of Synthetic Cord Reinforcement
  • Maintains its Roundness
  • Provides a Constant Working Pressure of 200 psi, Regardless of Hose Size
  • Handles Full Vacuum (30 in. of Hg) Applications
100 Ft. Lengths
  • Reduces the Number of Connection Problems
Meets All U.S. Coast Guard Requirements
  • All HBD/Thermoid Dock Hoses Meet All Standards Within the Industry