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Type 924 Petroleum Transfer

The Type 924 Petroleum Transfer hose is perfect for applications that require the bulk transfer of petroleum products, and it can also be used to handle most hydrocarbons with aromatic content up to 55% maximum, fats, greases, animal oil, vegetable oil, hydraulic fluid and a wide range of chemicals. Its black NBR tube has excellent resistance to oil and the cover compound of NBR/PVC is both oil and abrasion resistant. This hose is rated at full vacuum, providing a working pressure range of 100 to 200 psi.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Black
Oil Resistance ■ High
Construction ■ Tube: NBR, RMA Class A
■ Cover: NBR/PVC, RMA Class B
■ Reinforcement: Spiral steel wire helix(es)
   between synthetic textile plies
Temperature Range ■ -30°F to +200°F, -34°C to +93°C
Packaging ■ 100 ft. maximum


Thermoid Catalog – Type 924 Petroleum Transfer

Features & Benefits

– Class A
  • High Oil Resistance
  • Will Handle Most Hydrocarbons with Aromatic Content up to 55%,
    Fats, Greases, Animal Oil, Vegetable Oil, Hydraulic Fluid and
    a Wide Range of Chemicals
NBR/PVC Blend Cover – Class B
  • Medium-High Oil Resistance
  • Weather and Ozone Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
2-Ply Synthetic Textile Plies with Spiral
Steel Wire Helix Reinforcement
  • Provides a Working Pressure Range of 100 to 200 psi
  • Handles Full Vacuum Applications
100 Ft. Lengths
  • Reduces the Number of Connection Problems