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Conveyor Belting

Thermoid®, Inc. is respected as a top-quality manufacturer of lightweight rubber conveyor belting products. For over 100 years, our lightweight conveyor belting has been specified and used with confidence by thousands of customers in diverse industries around the world. We offer an extensive range of products covering a broad range of applications. From the highest quality food-grade products that meet the most rigorous standards of the FDA, to highly engineered belting for today’s automated package handling systems, to the heavier duty products designed to last in General Industrial applications; each of our products is quality made and application-engineered to give top performance, long-term service, and exceptional value.

Agriculture Belting

Thermoid Agriculture Conveyor Belting is available for custom OEM orders and replacement belts for the farmer. Our food handling/processing conveyor belting meets all USDA and FDA requirements.

We work closely with our agricultural customers to keep America’s crops on the move. For example, our Nylock™ and Korowhite Belts provide great strength with moderate oil and excellent chemical resistance, for those difficult applications like harvesting equipment and fertilizers, feed or oily crop handling. These conveyor belts have a special weave of polyester cords providing great strength despite its light weight, plus the added resistance to impact and up to 6.5 times the tear resistance of ordinary belting. Their PVC top and bottom covers provide superior resistance to chemicals, food acids and moisture. Nylock comes with black covers and Korowhite in an easy-to-clean white cover. Both belts can have a molded chevron or cleated pattern that can be added to enhance its incline belting carry capabilities up inclines to 35°.

    • Griptop™ for up to 35 degree inclines

    • Ridgetop™ – USDA & FDA Approved

    • Potato (2-ply synthetic fabrics)

Food Handling Conveyor Belting

From field to factory, Thermoid offers a full range of food-grade belting to satisfy the most demanding requirements. We offer a wide choice of fabrics, specially designed compounds in a variety of colors, and a choice of food-grade cover impressions. Thermoid food belting covers a wide range of operating environments including high and low temperatures (from -65° F to 300° F), or where hot, oily, acidic, or sticky conditions exist. Thermoid food belting meets the very latest sanitation standards including FDA and USDA standards for both direct contact and packaged products only (PPO). From fruits to nuts to meat, fish, and poultry processing, Thermoid has a conveyor belt to meet the challenge.

  • MEATS & POULTRY – USDA & FDA Approved
    • Sani-White™ – Nitrile rubber (all fabrics)

    • Sani-Brite™ – NBR/PVC rubber (all fabrics)

    • Hot ’n Cold Butyl (Polyester fabrics)

    • Ridgetop™ Nitrile

    • Sani-White™ – Nitrile rubber (all fabrics)

    • Sani-Brite™ – NBR/PVC rubber (all fabrics)

    • Hot ’n Cold Butyl

    • Teflon®

    • Butyl – Hot ‘n Cold

    • Rubber – Slide-A-Pack™

    • Rubber – Griptop™

    • Sani-White™ – Nitrile rubber (all fabrics)

    • Sani-Brite™ – NBR/PVC rubber (all fabrics)

Light Industrial/Automation Conveyor Belting

Thermoid offers a broad product offering for the light industrial/automation segment of the market. From lightweight sheeting belts to Hot Stock and Water to Slide-A-Pack™ conveyor belts, we have one for you. Each product is specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of common light industrial applications. Thermoid also offers a wide range of products for the newer, highly automated, material handling systems where the belt must be a highly engineered component to a sophisticated conveying system.

  • BELTS – When Oil is Present
    • Nitrile rubber (Polyester, PNT, SCP)

    • NBR/PVC rubber (Polyester, PNT, SCP and APT)

    • MOR Rubber

  • BELTS – For Oil-Free Service
    • Hot Stock & Water

    • Caripack™

    • Slide-A-Pack™

    • Potato (Utility)

Baggage/Package Handling Conveyor Belting

Moving packages or baggage up steep inclines and declines is no problem with Thermoid’s V-Cleat, Ribflex and/or Diamond Incline Belts. Slider Bed Package Handling Systems work even more efficiently and faster after the installation of our Pack-EZ S/Weave or EZ Premium PH Series Belt products. Sliptop, Caripack and Slide-A-Pack are and continue to be some of the more popular belt products chosen by our customers for horizontal belt package handling applications.

  • BELTS for INCLINES/DECLINES – When Oil is Present
    • Griptop™ – Up to 35 degree inclines/declines

  • BELTS for STEEP INCLINES/DECLINES – Up to 45 Degrees
    • Diamond Incline

    • V-Cleat

    • Ribflex™

    • Pack-EZ S/Weave

    • Pack-EZ Premium PH Series

    • Caripack™

    • Slide-A-Pack™

    • Sliptop™

    • Sheeting Belt

    • Hot Stock & Water

Special Application Products

Thermoid offers you a number of belting products specifically designed to efficiently convey a wide variety of agricultural products from the field through the entire food production process. For example, our Griptop belts can easily handle up to 35 degree inclines and declines. Ridgetop Belts are USDA & FDA Approved.

  • Big Red (Silicone Covered) for Hot or Cold Tacky Material

  • Plywood Processing – Tray

  • Lumber Service – Lumber

  • More