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Tuline Welding, Grade T

The Flex Strength® Tuline Welding hose is lightweight, flexible and available from stock in a wide range of sizes. The hoses come in two popular grades, R and T. Both grades come in single line and tuline styles, with or without corrugated covers. Each of these styles and grades feature multi-spiral construction for maximum kink resistance. The Grade T hose features a CR (Polychloroprene) tube and cover that offer medium-high fuel gas resistance.

Technical Overview

Cover Color ■ Red/Green
Oil Resistance ■ Medium-High – (All Fuel Gases)
Construction ■ Tube: Polychloroprene (CR)
■ Cover: NBR/PVC
■ Reinforcement: Spiral polyester yarn
Temperature Range ■ -40°F to +180°F, -40°C to +82°C
Packaging ■ Reels, Cut and coupled lengths


Thermoid Catalog – Tuline Welding, Grade T p1.

Thermoid Catalog – Tuline Welding, Grade T p2.

Thermoid Brochure – Welding Hose


Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Features & Benefits

CR (Polychloroprene) Tube
  • Medium-High Fuel Gases Resistance
CR (Polychloroprene) Cover
  • Medium-High Fuel Gas Resistant
2- or 4-Spiral Polyester Yarn Reinforcement
  • Provides a Working Pressure at a Constant 200 psi, Regardless of Hose Size
  • Kink Resistant
  • More Flexible than Braid Reinforced Hose
  • Easier to Route
  • Easier to Coil and Handle
  • Less Susceptible to Premature Failure than Braided Hose if Subjected to Torque
Pressureless Cure System
  • Minimal Cast (Natural Curvature of the Hose)
  • Extends the Life of the Rubber Compounds
Air Mandrel Manufacturing Process
  • Conforms to RMA/CGA Specifications
  • No Internal Contamination of the Inside Diameter Due to the Lubricant
  • Eliminates the Need for the Customer to Flush the Hose
Multi-Ventilating Pores
  • Disperses Permeating Gases
  • Enhances Welder’s Safety