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Tuftex® CD

Used by major airlines, this lavatory dump hose is available in the standard 4” I.D. size and is extra durable and lightweight with a smooth, vulcanized rubber liner. It also features an external corrugation for maximum flexibility and ease of handling.

Technical Overview

Temperature Range -40ºF to +250ºF
Color Black
Diameters 4″ I.D. Std. (Other diameters available on request)
Lengths 20 feet (shorter lengths available on request)
Cuffs Soft cuffs available for easy clamping/installation

other sizes and lengths available upon request


Thermoid Aviation Ducting and Hose Products – Brochure

Features & Benefits


A Single-wire helix
B Single-ply fabric infused with neoprene rubber
C Liner of single-ply .032-inch rubber provides a smooth bore