Industrial Ducting

FlexKing® General Purpose Cotton/Polyester Ducts – Black

An outstanding example of all around, all quality ducting. This line offers a broad range of base fabrics, plies, coatings and sizes. All have a wire helix completely enclosed for a smooth, reliable, flexible operation. Applications cover fume control, cool or warm ventilation, hot air; light materials handling – even projects where rot, mold and mildew are a problem. FlexKing is available in a variety of neoprene coated fabrics, soft cuffs and neoprene dip coatings.

FlexKing® Single Coverage (Type SC)

  • Perform well in low pressure, light duty applications
  • Single ply neoprene coated cotton/polyester blend fabric
  • Applications: air handling and fume control

FlexKing® Double Coverage (Type DC)

  • Exceptionally reliable and strong in medium pressure or mid-level applications
  • Double ply neoprene coated cotton/polyester blend fabric
  • Applications: air handling, fume control, dust collection, and light material handling applications
  • Additional Flame Resistant (Type DC-FR) option available
  • Offers excellent flame-resistant qualities that meet UL 94V-O requirements

FlexKing® Double Ply Neoprene Coated Polyester Fabric (Type DE)

  • Most durable and rugged of the FlexKing line
  • Unequaled reliability record for performance under the most severe conditions
  • Resists rupture and flex-fatigue
  • Mildew and rot proof
  • Double ply of neoprene coated polyester fabric

Coatings Available for FlexKing ®

Coatings increase the service life and improve the performance of Thermoid industrial ducting.

  • Increases
    • abrasion
    • chemical resistance
    • weight and wall thickness of duct
  • Reduces
    • the loss of air, gases, etc. through the duct wall
    • ducting flexibility
    • inside diameter of duct,
  • Available Coating – Neoprene (CR) (Black)
    • Most commonly used industrial duct coating
    • resists ozone, sunlight oxidation, heat and flame.
    • performs well in contact with oils, water and some chemicals.
    • Good tensile strength and resilience
    • Maximum Recommended Coatings – 4 Coats

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