Thermoid Stock Belts

Thermoid®, Inc. is respected as a top-quality manufacturer of lightweight rubber conveyor belting products. For over 100 years, our lightweight conveyor belting has been specified and used with confidence by thousands of customers in diverse industries around the world. We offer an extensive range of products covering a broad range of applications. From the highest quality food-grade products that meet the most rigorous standards of the FDA, to highly engineered belting for today’s automated package handling systems, to the heavier duty products designed to last in General Industrial applications; each of our products is quality made and application-engineered to give top performance, long-term service, and exceptional value.


Belt TypeProduct CodeItem Description
Teflon* – White Nitrile2402302354254”x3P AP35 WHT NBR TEFxFS (S10) (1,2)
Hot ‘N Cold – White Butyl2424372172272”X3P APT35 WHT BTYL 1/32XFS (S10) (1,2) Hot/Cold
RidgetopTM – White Nitrile2428382972272”X3P PNT50 WHT NBR RD/TPXFS (S10) (1,2) Sani-Brite
Sani-BrightTM2490373172272”X3P APT35 WHT NBR 1/32XFS (S15) (1,2) Sani-Brite
Sani-BrightTM2491302172272”X3P PNT50 WHT NBR 0.04XFS (S10) (1,2) Sani-Brite
Sani-WhiteTM2409282172272”X2P APT35 WHT NBR 3/64XFS (S10) (1,2)
Sani-WhiteTM2409375572272”X3P APT35 WHT NBR 1/32X1/32 (S30) (1,2)
Sani-BrightTM2428282172272”X2P PNT50 WHT NBR 3/64XFS (S10) (1,2) Sani-Brite


Belt TypeProduct CodeItem Description
Diamond Incline – Tan Rubber2472207972272”X2P APT75 TAN SYN DIAXTD (S50)
Diamond Incline – Black Rubber2489207972272”X2P APT75 BLK SYN DIAXTD (S50)
GriptopTM – Orange Carboxylated Nitrile2412343672272”X3P PNT50 ORG XNBR RTXTD (S15)
GriptopTM – Blue Carboxylated Nitrile2412344172272”X3P PNT50 BLU XNBR RTXTD (S20)
GriptopTM – Blue Carboxylated Nitrile2492012772272”X3P APT60 BLU XNBR RTXTD (S30) (4)
GriptopTM – Red/Brown Nitrile2421342172272”X3P PN50 R/B NBR RTXFS (S10)
GriptopTM– Amber Pure Gum2453340472272”X3P PCB35 AMB PG RTXFS (S0)
GriptopTM – Tan Rubber2469245272272”X2P APT60 TAN SYN RTXTD (S30)
GriptopTM – Tan Rubber2454340472272”X3P PCB35+ TAN SYN RTXFS (S8)
GriptopTM – Black Rubber2492012572272”X2P PNT150# BLK SYN RTXTD (S20)
GriptopTM – Black Rubber2492013972272”X3P PCB35+ BLK SYN RTXFS (S0)
V-Cleat – Black Rubber2455302972272”X3P PCB35 BLK SYN V/CLXFS (S10)


Belt TypeProduct CodeItem Description
Nitrile Black2418381172272”X3P PN50 BLK NBR 3/64XFS (S8) (1)
Nitrile Black2459403472272”X4P PNT50 BLK NBR 3/32XTD (S15)
Sheeting – Red/Brown Nitrile2434311172272”X3P SCP14 R/B NBR FSXFS (S8)
Sheeting – Red/Brown Nitrile2434511172272”X5P SCP14 R/B NBR FSXFS (S8)
Sheeting – Red/Brown Nitrile2434711172272”X7P SCP14 R/B NBR FSXFS (S8)
Slide-A-PackTM – Tan Rubber2454311172272”X3P PCB35 TAN SYN FSXFS (S8) Slide-A-Pack
Slide-A-PackTM – Tan Rubber2454411172272”X4P PCB35 TAN SYN FSXFS (S8) Slide-A-Pack
SliptopTM – Tan Nitrile2429330272272”X3P PNT50 TAN NBR TDXFS (S25) Slip Top
SliptopTM – Tan Nitrile2442432172272”X4P SCP23+ TAN NBR TDXFS (S10) Slip Top
CaripackTM – Black Rubber2455312572272”X3P PCB35 BLK SYN FSXFS (S10) Caripack


Belt TypeProduct CodeItem Description
Hot Stock & Water2455301160260”X3P PCB35/30OZ BLK SYN SHDXFS (S8) HS&W
Hot Stock & Water2455301172272”X3P PCB35/30OZ BLK SYN SHDXFS (S8) HS&W
Hot Stock & Water2455401172272”X4P PCB35/30OZ BLK SYN SHDXFS (S8)
Hot Stock & Water Big Red Silicone2455301860260”X3P PCB35 BLK SYN SILXFS (S8) HS&W

* Teflon is a registered mark of Chemours Company