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Thermoid®, Inc. is one of the premier suppliers of flexible aviation and industrial ducting offering a wide range of products meeting the highest requirements of quality and integrity in the industrial marketplace. The strength of the Thermoid ducting lines make them suitable for a variety of applications including industrial air movement, dust collection, fume control and light bulk material handling requirements.

Industrial Ducting

Thermoid® is one of the premier suppliers of flexible industrial hose and ducting. For almost a century, Thermoid® has been synonymous with quality, dependability, efficiency, durability and value. We offer a quality product for virtually any industrial application and customer service that is second to none — an unbeatable combination!

Industrial Ducting products include:

  • Industrial Air Movement

  • Dust Collection

  • Fume Control

  • Light Bulk Material Handling

  • UltraFlex

  • FlexKing

  • Tuftex

  • Cyclone

  • Neoflex

  • Silflex

Aeroduct® Aviation Ducting

Aeroduct® is a flexible ducting product line specifically designed for the aerospace/aviation industries. Aeroduct® wire-supported ducting comes in a variety of forms and constructions, providing the most versatile ducting in the industry. Aeroduct® is suitable for permanent or temporary installations to meet many different applications. Aeroduct® aircraft ducting is manufactured with fiberglass fabrics, impregnated with neoprene or silicone rubber compounds developed for the demanding flame resistance and high temperature applications unique to aviation. Thermoid’s technical experts design and produce custom-built products to meet virtually any aviation requirements for temperature, pressure, flexibility and leakage. Our engineering and production staff is well-known for many innovations in advanced aviation ducting products developed to meet precise, close tolerances and high-performance quality standards. The Aeroduct line also includes some aviation engineered ground support equipment hose products like lavatory dump hose and jet starter hose with protective Scruffer Jackets and MIL-DTL 6000.

For Assistance with Aeroduct® Aviation Products:

Phone: +1-800-835-0682, Email:

Aeroduct Ducting products include:

  • SCAT Ducting

  • SCEET Ducting

  • CAT Ducting

  • CEET Ducting

  • LORA Sleeving

  • SLOOT Sleeving

  • Pre-Conditioned Air System Ducting

  • Flexible and Rigid/Semi-Rigid Custom-Built Products