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UltraFlex® TPR

The Ultraflex® TPR ducting features a helical wire reinforced thermoplastic rubber suitable for a wide variety of air handling, fume control, and dust collection applications. It resists flex fatigue and offers superior abrasion and chemical resistance, as well as excellent ozone and weathering resistance. An orange vinyl wear strip on the O.D. is also available for added wear resistance.

Technical Overview

Standard Colors
  • Black
  • 2″ I.D. through 18″.D.
Standard Length
  • 25 ft. (other lengths up to 50 ft.
    available upon request)
Temp. Range
  • -60°F to +275°F Continuous
  • +300°F Intermittent
  • Excellent flexibility and compressibility characteristics; can be used in both positive and negative applications.
  • Venting systems for chemical fumes; dust collection; exhausting gases; air movement.


Thermoid Industrial Ducting – Brochure

Type TPR

Inside Diameter (inches) 2 4 6 8 10
Weight .22 .75 .94 1.62 1.86
Inside Bend Radius 1/2 of I.D.
Burst (Calculated) 50 32 27 25 22
Working Pressure (psig) 17 11 9 8 7
Compressibility 65%
Temperature Range -60°F to +275°F, +300°F Intermittent
Max. Negative Pressure (in. hg.) 24 24 9 8 6

All pressure and vacuum data based on 72°F temperature.