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UltraFlex® TPU

Constructed of a helical wire-reinforced thermoplastic urethane, the Ultraflex® TPU offers excellent abrasion resistance for material handling applications. It is a tough, versatile, lightweight, flexible hose/ducting that can be used in a wide variety of applications, and is offered in black or clear transparent urethane that allows the user to monitor the flow of material.

Technical Overview

Standard Colors
  • Black or Clear
  • 2″ I.D. through 18″ I.D.
Standard Length
  • 25 ft. (other lengths up to 50 ft.
    available upon request)
Temp. Range
  • -65°F to +200°F
  • Superior abrasion resistance, low temperature flexibility, high tear strength, excellent ozone and oil resistance
  • Lawn and garden applications include chip handling, leaf and grass loading, straw blowing; industrial vacuum systems; transfer of plastic pellets; dry bulk material handling systems; agricultural product material handling; woodworking applications include transfer of sawdust and wood chips.


Thermoid Industrial Ducting – Brochure

Type TPU

Inside Diameter (inches) 2 4 6 8 10
Weight .24 .56 .94 1.08 1.36
Inside Bend Radius 1/2 of I.D.
Burst (Calculated) 50 25 22 15 10
Working Pressure (psig) 17 8 7 5 3
Compressibility 65%
Temperature Range -65°F to +200°F
Max. Negative Pressure (in. hg.) 23 24 9 8 6

All pressure and vacuum data based on 72°F temperature.